About The Location

The school is located in a convenient location that is neither completely isolated nor overcrowded. As a result, it is an ideal place for a child to grow in a better environment.

The school is linked to the village's one-line road, and the connectivity is enhanced by two important locations: the bus stop and the railway station, making it more accessible.


Welcome to NHA Discover A New Way of Learning

Welcome to Naxalbari Heritage Academy

As children progress through several developmental stages, they require an expanse of instructional approaches & teaching methods. Prioritizing their requirements we stick to innovative approaches and offer value-based education that meets the competency of today's world.

Central Board of Secondary Education
Affiliated To Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Sports and Fun
Sports and Fun
Co-Curricular Activity
Co-Curricular Activity
Explore Syllabus into Creativity
Explore Syllabus into Creativity
Admission Procedure
NHA - Admission Procedure

Sports & Extra-curricular Activities

To Make Sure Everyone Is An Achiever

  • Quiz Quizzing
  • Public Speaking Public Speaking
  • Art Art & Craft
  • Cricket Cricket
  • Martial Art Martial Art
  • Yoga Dance & Yoga
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