About Our School

Our school offers an outstanding educational program that is committed to its vision, robust in its academic aims, innovative in instructional approaches and rigorous in its pursuit of excellence. The School has been the precursor of the much desired change to value based education and has become a world class institution over the years.

The School employs a fine blend of proven teaching and instructional approaches based modern innovative approaches as children progress through their stages of development, with each stage building and expanding upon the previous one.

At NHA, we redefine education in its most literal sense, meeting the needs of today's bright young minds and making the students well developed, competent according to the demand of the hour and judicious for higher studies.

Thank You.

About Us

Our Vision

An outstanding school that provides "Education at its best" through the finest blend of Indian and global learning methods making schooling a joyful experience and instills in every child an enlightened vision and an inspiring leadership that integrates a culture of innovation, quality and excellence.

Our Mission

Nurturing students to become an academically excellent, spiritually sound, ethically upright, emotionally balanced, socially responsible and culturally Indian citizens.Creating a stimulating child-centered environment enriched with best global resources. Partnering with leading global institutions to provide a holistic education and development. Dynamic bench marking and continual improvement for transcending international standards.

Preparing for today and inspiring for tomorrow to help our students become distinctive global leaders in the field they aspire.

Our Values


Our Motto

Dedication is a commitment to one's goal. It requires a strong sense of purpose.


Our Faith

Manifest with purpose, Transform with power, Transcend to ultimate.


Our Guiding Principle

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


Our Focus

Preparing our students to meet the global challenges.


Our True Assets

Our Focus - Our Staff and students.