Technical Features Icon

The school's website gives information about the main features of the school like admission procedures, achievements etc. The photo gallery is a rich store house of important and glorious moment of the school.

School App

We have a well designed School App which gives parents easy access to school reports and records. It gives a better Parents Teacher engagement which enables parents to receive important notices/ circulars, Events, Photographs, Videos along with student's Attendance, Academic reports and school Calender. Each days assignments are also uploaded in the app for proper monitoring of the parents.

Smart Classes

In order to make teaching and learning process more interesting, smart classes with the use of digital panel have been introduced for all classes from I to X.

Infrastructure Icon

Infrastructure plays a significant role accompanying other essential educational inputs improvises the quality of education thus promoting greater equality of opportunities and contributes to advance toward a real productive transformation in the region. The school building comprises of Smart classrooms with ample space. Ventilation and comfort for proper learning.

High Tech Modern Science Labs

IT Rooms (one for juniors and one for seniors) are equipped with computers and lazer printer where students are exposed to high level languages with internet facilities. Creativity and Activity room for the creativity inbuilt in children and for concept building.

Ambience & Playground

The countryside location of the school in the midst of the greenery enhances the learning environment for the children where they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


There is a good transport system available in our school with a number of buses with CCTV and GPS tracking system/. The buses pick and drop the students from different destination points.

Day Boarding System

A unique facility with intrinsic guidance of the children after school homes for the overall development of the children where a child excels not only academically but also personally, emotionally and in extracurricular activities.

House System

To induce leadership quality, healthy competition and team spirit, co-curricular activities are introduced on house basis. The houses have been named after dignified national personalities with significant.

Colors: Teresa (BLUE), Tagore (GREEN), Netaji (RED), Vivekananda (Yellow) the House Captain, Captain, Vice-captain and House Prefects co-ordinate and manage all the House Activities.


Clubs like 'Eco club', 'Cultural club', 'Health club', 'Science club', 'Maths club, 'Arts club', 'Literary club, 'SDG Club' etc. have been formed in the school. Student's active participation in all these fields under the guidance of teacher helps to develop the personalities of the children in all dimensions.