Co-curricular Activities

The school caters to the Holistic Development of the children by offering ample opportunities of Co-curricular activities. Selection of the right kind of extracurricular activities at school polishes a child's skills and keeps him engaged.

Co-curricular activities help students concentrate more in the classroom and teach them valuable life children should engage in two co-curricular activities to utilize their energy completely and explore their talents. A right mix of co-curricular activities stimulates a child's mind and bodies both lessons.

Sports & Extra-curricular Activities Icon

Sports are indeed an important element of a student's growth and development at Naxalbari Heritage Academy. It aids in the development of mental wellness and physical fitness. Participation in sports and games provides students with a variety of skills and experiences that aid in the development of their personalities.

Extracurricular activities are critical to our academic output. It demonstrates who a child is outside of the classroom and allows them to exhibit their leadership abilities and community involvement.

Non-Academic Activity Icon

Cricket, Martial Art, Yoga, Dance

Academic Activity Icon

Quizzing, Public Speaking, Art & Craft